Episode 110

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26th Jan 2021

110: How To Be Super Wealthy AND Successful With Eloise Gagnon (Part 1)

Success and riches are achieved by taking the right small steps. In today’s episode Eloise Gagnon breaks it down for us so that you can begin TODAY to move the needle forward to achieve your goal.

My Guest: Eloise Gagnon:

For over 15 years Eloise worked as an international corporate lawyer in the finance industry. Her work brought her to travel around the world mainly to Europe and the Middle East. Through her practice she had the opportunity to work alongside highly successful entrepreneurs, top CEO’s, and business leaders. The business and life lessons they shared with her; on success, mindset, habit and vision, formed a foundation in her current coaching method. She is passionate about empowering woman entrepreneurs and helping them create a clear vision for themselves to find their purpose and claim their mission.

Pivotal Moments:

·       When Eloise started working in the Middle East she began working with highly successful individuals. She learned that there were 2 groups.

·       There were the ones that were incredibly rich but also incredibly successful, meaning they were happy, content and successful in all areas of their lives. They had a joy of living.

·       There were also the ones that had built phenomenal businesses and were rich, but weren’t happy and were continuously looking for their purpose in life.

·       So when Eloise decided to go from being a lawyer to a coach, her motivation was to make a difference in someone’s life. She wanted her life to be a contribution.

·       Eloise wanted to go for that ripple effect. Where she helps one person and then they go and help someone else and so on. So when she wakes up in the morning, she thinks to herself who is that one person she can reach out to today and help.

·       If you want someone to do something, you have to first do it yourself and then you will see the ripple effect of what you’re doing.

·       Eloise comes from a very religious family. Her dad encouraged her to learn about human beings.

·       When Eloise was 16 years old, she did her first silent retreat in a monastery, because she wanted to understand the deeper meaning of life. So her need to help others was embedded into who she is.

·       She became a lawyer because she wanted to contribute to the world. So when she went to the Middle East she read through the Quran so she would understood their religion and perspective.

·       Whilst in the Middle East someone suggested she become a coach. So she went to London and got certified.

·       However in order to be a coach, you have to understand the why. What is it about being a coach that attracts you and what is it that you can contribute to the world by being a coach.

·       For Eloise it was about taking all the knowledge that she learnt all the experience that is not available to everyone and go and teach it and help people. That is when she felt she was ready to be a coach.

·       Often people go for promotions and stuff because they feel it is something they should do, but then challenges arise and people regret. However if you have a strong enough reason to sustain you, why you chose to do what you’re doing, then when the challenge arrives you will just look at it as a hurdle and you will figure it out and not let it stop you because you have such a powerful reason to do it.

·       Once Eloise made the decision to move onto coaching, she sent out 2000 individual emails to anyone she ever knew to let them know and only 2 people responded.

·       After that she decided to reach out to 5 new people every single day, she joined associations, women groups, found people on LinkedIn that she had common interests with.

·       People want to be heard and understood, when you give people the opportunity to be listened to genuinely,


Eloise transitioned from being a successful lawyer, working for her dad, to becoming a coach. In order to succeed, she had to remind herself why she became a coach. Her reason was to help people. Every day, she reminded herself what were her goals, why they were her goals and how she was going to achieve them. What is the one thing she will do today that will move the needle forward in her business. A lot of people miss one of those three, either they get caught up in their struggles, so therefore their mindset is not there, or they don’t do the visualisation, or they think things will take care of themselves.

Every client that Eloise got was because of the value she provided to other people. People want to be heard and understood, when you give people the opportunity to be listened to genuinely, the wealth of information they give you is priceless, and when people feel heard and understood they open up. Once you feel you can trust the other people you want more of that.

Current struggle:

Growing her team. The reason is Eloise is very demanding of herself, she doesn’t believe in excuses. So now that she is hiring a team, she has had to learn that not everyone wants to push themselves to that extreme. So now it’s about putting processes into place, understanding what she needs bringing people in and allowing them to be fully on their own so that she can extract the most out of them.


There are a few elements when it comes to hiring. One of those is who is your person? When hiring someone it is important to know their skills and experience and their personality profile.


You are perfectly who you are in every situation.

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Part 2 of this episode where you hear more go to estierand.com/110-2

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